Industry Forum participation at the Future of Parkinson’s Disease Conference

Manus Neurodynamica’s CEO, Dr Rutger Zietsma presented to the Parkinson’s community at the Future of Parkinson’s Disease conference that was held November 30 – December 3, in Austin, Texas, US. The joint annual conference is hosted by the Parkinson’s Foundation and the Parkinson Study Group. 

During the Industry Iorum on the 1st of December, Dr Rutger Zietsma, introduced the NeuroMotor PenTM product that will be coming to the US market, following FDA Breakthrough Device Designation. An update was shared on usage in Europe, further ongoing and planned clinical validation and plans to progress with FDA clearance in the US in 2024. 

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Speakers at the Industry Forum were:

  • GE Healthcare, Lydia Wood, PhD
  • Rune Labs, Chase Babcock
  • Supernus, Nikkilina Crouse, PhD
  • Aspen Neuroscience, Andres Brat-Leal, PhD
  • BlinkCNS, Nadir Haider, PhD
  • BlueRock Therapeutics, Antoine Lampron, PhD
  • Roche, Gennaro Pagano, MD, MSc
  • Manus Neurodynamica, Rutger Zietsma, PhD

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