Agreement signed with Medispa to integrate NeuroMotor PenTM into Prevention Suite

Prevention Suite platform used by more than 10,000 pharmacies in Italy, Spain and Portugal. Partnership to be showcased at the annual Cosmofarma Exhibition in Bologna, Italy this weekend

Edinburgh, UK – 5 May 2023: Manus Neurodynamica Limited (“Manus”), which develops and markets products and technologies for neuromotor assessment, announces it has signed an agreement with Medispa, an Italian provider of wellness management systems and services, to integrate the NeuroMotor PenTM (‘NMP’) with Medispa’s Prevention Suite, an integrated platform of health services aimed at monitoring the health and well-being status of patients.

The agreement will focus on three target markets: pharmacy retail screening, patient screening in trials for pharmaceutical companies and large corporations that optimize prevention screening for their employees.

Medispa has developed the Prevention Suite platform, which is used by more than 10,000 pharmacies in Italy, Spain and Portugal, offering a wide range of health assessment devices and tests, connected by a single hub place in the pharmacy, to patients focused on their health and wellbeing. The platform does not currently offer any movement disorder screening.

The collaboration will allow the NMP to be integrated into Medispa’s Prevention Suite, allowing a much larger patient population to have access to the quick low-cost screening test, with an accuracy that is normally only available at specialist clinics. The technical integration of NMP with the Medispa Prevention Suite has been completed and is now fully setup for the patient pathway. Test reports from the NMP have been co-designed and optimized by Medispa to provide the right level of detail in an easily understandable way to both patient and clinician. The collaboration has also successfully completed a pilot screening scheme in a flagship pharmacy in Erba.

Medispa will be showcasing its partnership with Manus from today at the Cosmofarma Exhibition taking place in Bologna, Italy, held from 5-8 May. The exhibition is the world’s leading European event for Health Care, Beauty Care and all pharmacy-related services bringing together experts in the field.

Dr Rutger Zietsma, CEO of Manus, commented: “We are delighted to partner with Medispa as a key player in the healthcare system, to make the NMP more widely available via Medispa’s established Prevention Suite platform. This agreement will provide Manus with the opportunity to target a larger market including drugstores, primary-care physicians, community and hospital-based neurologists/movement disorder clinics and payers.

“Waiting lists and the availability of primary care clinicians is sometimes poor in the current healthcare setting and, with an aging population, there is a large and growing unmet need for early access to an affordable assessment to improve the patient pathway in Parkinson’s Disease and provide reassurance to individuals with benign movement symptoms. Parkinson’s symptoms overlap with other disease symptoms, and the clinical challenge when diagnosing patients is differentiating between Parkinson’s and other movement disorders. Screening facilities at or alongside primary care are much needed to improve the pathway and reduce costs, and this Medispa agreement is a great first step to achieving this.”


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Notes to Editors

About Manus Neurodynamica –
Dr Rutger Zietsma founded Manus in August 2008. The Company’s main activity is designing, patenting and marketing innovative technologies used in medical devices and personal care products which have the capability to improve people’s health and wellbeing. The Company implements quality procedures to medical standards.

Its principal product is a sensory pen designed for use in the diagnosis and monitoring of neuromotor impairments. The pen particularly focuses on patients with Parkinson’s disease and uses limb and hand motion to diagnose patients quickly and non-invasively. It has applications across not just diagnosis but also screening, monitoring, rehabilitation and drug development for a number of different movement disorders.

About NeuroMotor PenTM

NeuroMotor Pen™ (NMP) is a unique, patented and CE marked system that combines sensor technologies built into a digital pen with software and an analytical engine with Decision Support System.
The interface enables users to record non invasively and analyse parameters of minute limb and hand motion. This enables quantification of fine motor skill. These parameters are used as ‘digital biomarkers’ to provide objective information about movement abnormalities. NMP can be used to support differential diagnosis and monitoring of movement disorders and other neuromotor impairments. It has the potential to be a quick, inexpensive, non invasive, and objective aid to diagnosis that can provide a low cost alternative to brain scans. Ther e are additional applications in prevention screening, monitoring, rehabilitation and drug development for a number of different movement disorders.

Breakthrough Designation has been granted by the FDA for the proposed indication of using the NeuroMotor PenTM to support health care providers (HCPs) in differentiating between Parkinsonian and non-Parkinsonian tremors in adult patients who are suspected to have Parkinson’s Disease (PD) but have not been diagnosed by other means.