Manus joins ABHI US Accelerator 2022 cohort

12-month programme allows Manus to utilise ABHI’s expertise and connections within the US to strengthen strategy and de-risk market entry

Edinburgh, UK – 22 February 2022: Manus Neurodynamica Limited (“Manus”), which develops and markets products and technologies for neuromotor assessment, announced that it has joined the Association of British HealthTech Industries (ABHI) US Accelerator 2022 cohort.

Now in its fifth year, the ABHI US Accelerator, conducted in partnership with the Dell Medical School in Austin, Texas, supports UK medical device, diagnostic and digital health companies looking to access the US healthcare landscape. The 12-month programme provides companies with the opportunity to define and strengthen their US strategy, de-risk market entry and grow their US business by utilising ABHI’s advice, expertise and connections within the country.

Manus joins the ABHI US Accelerator programme at an important point in the Company’s US regulatory pathway. In December 2021, Manus was granted Breakthrough Designation by the US Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) for its NeuroMotor Pen™ device, a significant step towards the technology’s approval in the US. Breakthrough Designation was granted for the proposed indication of supporting health care providers in differentiating between Parkinsonian and non-Parkinsonian tremors in adult patients who are suspected to have Parkinson’s Disease but have not been diagnosed by other means. Manus is currently in the process of agreeing a study protocol with the FDA in anticipation of a successful US-based clinical trial demonstrating a similarly high specificity and sensitivity in differential diagnostic decision making, as was achieved in European trials.

Over the next 12 months, ABHI will work with Manus, along with 39 other companies who have been successful on this year’s programme, providing them with bespoke support in identifying and filling need gaps, and setting individual goals to support their growth. Companies will also be boosted by access to an expansive network of in-market experts.

Paul Benton, Managing Director, ABHI International, said: “We are delighted that our programme continues to attract such high caliber applicants. The ABHI US Accelerator is a fantastic platform for UK HealthTech innovators looking to access the US healthcare landscape. In helping companies to de-risk US market entry, it also acts as a catalyst for growth, offering access to senior physicians, c-suite level health system executives, payers and a broad network of US healthcare contacts. We look forward to supporting each company in their goal to grow and develop within one of the world’s largest HealthTech markets.”

Dr Rutger Zietsma, CEO of Manus, commented: “I am pleased that we have been accepted on the ABHI US Accelerator programme for 2022, where we are a part of a cohort of highly innovative companies with the potential to make a significant impact to US healthcare. Combined with our recently granted Breakthrough Designation, this has been a greatly encouraging start to accessing the US markets. We look forward to working with ABHI and its key contacts and expertise within the US to help facilitate our goal of achieving regulatory approval for the differential diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease, and help improve the lives of this large, underserved patient population.”

The 2022 ABHI US Accelerator programme will run from January 2022 – December 2022, with par-ticipants able to make full use of ABHI’s dedicated workspace and office at the Dell Medical School, with access to their facilities and support from senior faculty.

Since its establishment in 2017, the ABHI US Accelerator has led to over 25 international research collaborations and new business generated for UK industry. The programme has been expanded over the years, and is now supporting 40 companies, several of which are longstanding members of the programme, drive their operations in the US. Centred in Texas, and using the state as a spring-board to other key states, the programme offers nationwide support, drawing on the relationships and connections built up across the US.

For more information visit:

Manus Neurodynamica Ltd
Dr Rutger Zietsma, Chief Executive Officer
+44 131 563 5465
Walbrook PR (PR advisors to Manus)
Lianne Applegarth / Phil Marriage
+44 20 7933 8780
+44 7584 391 303 / +44 78 67 984 0 82

Notes to Editors

About Manus Neurodynamica –
Dr Rutger Zietsma founded Manus in August 2008. The Company’s main activity is designing, patenting and marketing innovative technologies used in medical devices and personal care products which have the capability to improve people’s health and wellbeing. The Company implements quality procedures to medical standards.

Its principal product is a sensory pen designed for use in the diagnosis and monitoring of neuromotor impairments. The pen particularly focuses on patients with Parkinson’s disease and uses limb and hand motion to diagnose patients quickly and non-invasively. It has applications across not just diagnosis but also screening, monitoring, rehabilitation and drug development for a number of different movement disorders.

About NeuroMotor PenTM
NeuroMotor Pen™ (NMP) is a unique, patented and CE-marked system that combines sensor technologies built into a digital pen with software and an analytical engine with Decision Support System.
The interface enables users to record non-invasively and analyse parameters of minute limb and hand motion. This enables quantification of fine motor skill. These parameters are used as ‘digital biomarkers’ to provide objective information about movement abnormalities. NMP can be used to support diagnosis and monitoring of Parkinson’s Disease and other neuromotor impairments. It has the potential to be a quick, inexpensive, non-invasive, and objective aid to diagnosis that can provide a low-cost alternative to brain scans.

About ABHI
ABHI is the UK’s leading industry association for health technology (HealthTech). ABHI supports the HealthTech community to save and enhance lives. Members, including both multinationals and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), supply products from syringes and wound dressings to surgical robots and digitally enhanced technologies. We represent the industry to stakeholders, such as the government, NHS and regulators. HealthTech plays a key role in supporting delivery of healthcare and is a significant contributor to the UK’s economic growth. HealthTech is now the largest employer in the broader Life Sciences sector, employing 138,100 people in 4,140 companies, with a combined turnover of £27.6bn. The industry has enjoyed growth of around 5% in recent years. ABHI’s 320 members account for approximately 80% of the sector by value.